Report MOHAA server abuse

Report MOHAA server abuse - If you have had a major server issue from a user such as "message flooding" "mass hacking" "crashing" then report the issue here with as much information as possible.

The report will be reviewed and if it warrants a threat to the MOHAA community we will ban IP's from all AAAA hosted servers and report issue to the rest of the community.

Please enter your name

Please enter your email address so we can get in touch with you

Please enter information about yourself such as what clan you are from

Please add IP address's used by the attacker

Select the type of attack on your server

Enter a description of the attack on your server

Please enter Player names used in the attack

Please enter MOHAA server IP's and port of the servers attacked

Copy and paste any messages from logs into here if possible.

Upload any files that may provide more info such as server logs

Upload any screen shots of the issue

Enter any additional info here you may think can help