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Readmy {P†W} Admin Client V

- Put the two fils ({PtW} Admin Client and {PtW} Adminbefehle) in your Main/Mainta or Maintt

- Now you can open the Admintool over the "n" Key (English version)

Reamamber this Mod will only work correctly withe the {PtW} Adminmod Server!

The following features can you aktivate or disable over the Tool:

- Map Restart
- During the running backs on or off
- Real mode on or off
- Frendly Fire on or off
- Time Limit and Fraglimit can change
- You can load all stock Gametype modes and maps
- Many Costume Maps are in the tool (all the maps you get on
- Anti Campermod
- Kill / kick function
- Rifel only on and off
- Weapons can also be banned and allowed
- Many Gametyp mods (for example Freezetag, countdown or Basebuilder) can be loaded
- Singleplayer maps can be loaded

And more.....

For the change of the gametype mods (for example, from FFA to Freezetag) is the {PtW}Adminmod Server
tool on your server needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Admin menu:

Readmy English


1 Find the right tool for the Admin Server you out!
2 Carrying Info.cfg please in your Clandatas!
3 Now the ortner Gametyp.cfg open each file and in the Startmap
and the map rotation list according to their own desires set!
You can also stuff like Fraglimit timeout and default are to!
4 now all the data from the folders of the Servermod to it and want to use
All config dadeien aud Gametyp.cfg folder on the server eirem Upload!
5 Now you need to your Server.cfg as follows:

-very top-writes her: exec ci.cfg
this is important so that the Tool Server is loaded correctly!
-further below, then insert the following: seta countdown 0
so the countdown mod is not always on
-To also from the beginning to the right game you need to start now
following: name of the exec server.cfg you want to start
(e.g. ffa.cfg exec staret the Free For All mode!

6 Server re-start and have fun!

7 Lock at the server.cfg

exec ci.cfg // You need this to start the admin server mod!
set cheats "0"
set g_gravity "800"
set g_speed "320"
set sv_maxRate "8000"
set sv_cheats "0"
set sv_hostname "Servername"
set sv_maxclients "16"
set g_gametype "1"
set sv_pure "0"
set rconpassword "test"
set sv_privateclients "0"
set sv_privatepassword "0"
set sv_maxping "200"
set sv_floodprotect "1"
set flood_persecond "4"
set sv_gamespy "1"
set fraglimit "50"
set timelimit "0"
set g_warmup "0"
set g_inactivekick "600"
set g_inactivespectate "600"
set g_teamforcebalance "0"
set g_teamdamage "0"
seta g_motd "Welcome to Server"
set g_log "logs/games.log"
set sv_team_spawn_interval "0"
set g_forceteamspectate "0"
set g_allowvote "0"
set sv_allowdownload "0"
set dmflags "262144" // allow lean
seta countdown 0 // This must be set or Countdown will run every time!!

// Game Config´s

//exec capture_the_flag.cfg // Capture The Flag
//exec countdown.cfg // Countdown
//exec demolation.cfg // Demolation
//exec freezetag_ctf.cgj // Freezetag-Capture The Flag
//exec freezetag_demolation.cfg // Freezetag-Demolation
//exec freezetag_obj.cfg // Freezetag-Objective
//exec freezetag_tdm.cfg // Freezetag-Team
//exec freezetag_tow.cfg // Freezetag-Tug Of War
//exec liberation.cfg // Liberationexec
ffa.cfg // Free for all
//exec tdm.cfg // Team
//exec obj.cfg // Objective
//exec rbm.cfg // Round based
//exec tow.cfg // Tug Of War

seta sv_master1 ""
seta sv_master2 ""
seta sv_master3 ""
seta sv_master4 ""



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Re: PtW Admin Menu

can i ask u how i open this prog in screen shot?

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