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Player Speccing

Mod PK3


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Elgan & armageddon





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2\14\12 - Updated and packaged by armageddon
To make this work, you must be logged in as Admin using the Reborn admins.ini file, and using Reborn 2.5 Gamma+
Then, in the game,
if you want to watch player number 7 for example. type in console : keyp 1007
if you want to watch player number 14 for example. type in console : keyp 1014 ,etc...

It would be easier to put this command in an admin menu. For client 7, stuffcommand keyp 1007 or client 14 stuffcommand keyp 1014, etc...

To stop watching a player, press the Use key or Mouse button.

I made the keyp 1000-1031 for a 32 slot server in global/keypresshandler.scr

If you are using global/dmprecache.scr for other mods, then add this line to it.

local.result = registerev "keypress" global/keypresshandler.scr //This will let Reborn know to execute that .scr file whenever a client sends a keyp command.


This is Elgan's work (Nice job Elg), with the help from the team for brainstorming...

Here we go..

@Elgan, if you need me to update this post, just let me know!

should give the admin a message when the spectated , suspected player is looking / aiming/ firing at a player...and through a wall..

"aiming at playername through wall"
"firing at playername through wall"
or just
"aiming at playername"
"firing at playername" this I did through on my bros moh to quickly sort is ok but a bit crude...not brilliant detection.