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Player Skin Checker

Mod PK3


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Purple Elephant1au





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Hi , i found my skin checker mod and thought i would update/finish it and upload here for anyone who needs one

What it does it scan through a list of 'allowed' skins ( atm it includes just all stock ones ) and if a players skin is not on the list, changes their model to a random allowed one.

The force of the model is only current until they respawn , or change to a allowed skin. The reason being is i didnt want to change the players settings on them, noone likes that. So instead i made it so just while their in your server, there model will be changed.

Settings, are changed at the top of the script,
[Required] Scantime , time between scans, default is 10 seconds, dont go lower then 5.
[Optional] Turn forcemodels OFF on each player
[Optional] Send a message to the player when they had their skin changed

To ADD/REMOVE skins to the list of allowed ones, just add them to each array.

Save as whatever you want and exec from dmprecache.scr