Plasma Grenade

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Mk 2 Grenade

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Plasma Grenade

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Seraphim1's Plasma Nades Pack
This files will give you PLASMA GRENADES almost just like the
ones from halo ANd they will stick to your target
Ok in this archive there are 2 files to choose from. The first
is zPlasma_grenade.pk3. this file works on my PC but i have
been told that it does not seem to work on a friends PC so
don't blame me if it doesn't work.
The second file 'zzSticky_
Rocket_nades.pk3 does seem to work on my friends PC but it
does not have any gravity effects so it will just fly straight
forward hence 'sticky ROCKET nades'.
The year is 2050. World War III rages on. The Allied Military
forces have developed two new forms grenades designed to stick
to their target until detonation. to do this they utilize new
anti-grav technology designed to change the gravity fields
around itself to its advantage. This new technology is still
buggy and thus their first experiment using these grenades
flew only straight ahead and then would stick to what ever it
made first contact with.
The Second experimental grenade wasalso rather buggy in that
it would use gravity as any regular grenade would but
occasionally when sticking to a target or wall the gravity
field occasionally reverses or fluctuates causing the grenade
to fall to the ground then wizz back up in the opposite
direction it was thrown. this will not happen always but
soldiers should be aware of the dangers.
just put whichever pk3 you want to use in your main folder


please do tell me if these do or don't work for you so i know
if i should continue progress on these mods. Thanks