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Ping Function Script

Mod PK3


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@(...:.:...)@ / Hal





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by Hal / @(...:.:...)@

Ping script for testing. I duno what kind of numbers it will spit out. :S

All cvars start with "sv_ping_" so if you forget a cvar, and the script is
running localy you can type "sv_ping" in the console, then press tab to see
the cvars starting with that.

Set to 1 to ping all players on the server once. The script stops after pinging everyone.
Don't set this in the cfg, just set it through RCON when you wish to ping everyone.

Makes the player say what ping he has with stufftext after the script has pinged him.
Set to 0 to turn off reporting with stufftext. It will report with stufftext by default
unless you set it to 0.

This is an important cvar to set. This controlls how acurate the ping result will be.
This is the number of frames / second the server will process wile pinging a player.
This must be 20 or more. I recomend 80 or more which is default if you don't set it.

80 = 12.5ms acuracy
200 = 5ms acuracy

You work out the acuracy by dividing 1000 by your chosen fps rate. (1000 / 80 = 12.5).

Note - The server is returned to normal 20 frames/ second after pinging each player.

This controlls how long the script will wait for a ping response before giving up.
This also acts to prevent an infinate loop, in the event of a player leaving the
server, or the script losing track of the player somehow. Must be more than 0 and
less than 20. I recomend 2 seconds which is default if you don't set it.

************************************************************************************ */