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Pain Animation Patch SH

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Spearhead Pain-Animation Patch (version 1.0)
Compiled by MPowell1944

Description :

This patch fixes the funky pain animations in MOH:Spearhead. That would be the buttscooting, sliding, and flailing of the arms when a person gets hurt. Usually this occurs when a person falls or gets shot.

This patch is a server-side only patch. If you are an admin, just add this .pk3 file to your server's /mainta folder, and restart your server. For those of you wanting to know if this can work client-side, all I can say is you can try it out but I cannot promise any results.

Disclaimer :

Because I have spent many hairpulling hours trying to get this patch finished, I nicely ask of you not to duplicate or make any small changes and release it as your own. If you decide to do so, the credit to you will not be valid.

Bugs :

The only known bug is as follows. If you are holding either a RIFLE, ROCKETLAUNCHER, allied SMG or a BAR, and you get hurt, you will be almost floating on your feet in a semi-walk animation, but is not very noticeable. As I said, this only occurs with the above^ weapons and only while the person is getting hurt. But even with this minor bug, it is still 10x better than the default animations. Check out this bug for yourself and you will see what I mean.

Updates :

I will be working on fixing the above bug for the next version. Hopefully this can be quite soon.

SideNotes :

If you would like to see the mod in action, please stop by the Stripes Spearhead clan server at

If you have any bugs to report, please send them to the email below as you find them. The more bugs to fix for the next version, the better.

Contacts :

Email :

AIM : MikePowell1944

Thanks for downloading this patch. Hopefully this can bring a better playing experience to all of the Spearhead players on your server.