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Omjective V1.0

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- Omjective V1.0 -
- By England4eva -
- Omaha Gets Objectified -


Welcome to Omjective, an Omaha mod to make the map more Objectified.

Lets face it, Omaha is one of those maps like Marmite - You either love it, or hate it. Personally I hate it but
at the end of the day its a map that is available from standard installation which is open to everyone without
downloading. One of the reasons I hated it for so many years is due to the fact it isnt like a standard objective,
whats the deal with the constant respawning?

Anyway as I was bored one day and MOHAA is getting more and more dead by the day I decided to inject a little bit
of life into the forgotten map. If you hate Omaha this map probably isnt for you although this mod might make you
like it that little bit more.

The best thing about this mod is its server-side only. Upload it to your server and anyone can play it.

The main goal of this map is for Omaha / Objective lovers - Omaha can now be played in objective clan wars.

Whats New:

You`re probably wondering whats been changed, well mostly it makes it fairer for Allies as respawning is removed. The
main features being...

- No respawning, once you`re dead - you`re dead. Proper objective style.
- Shingle on the beach blows up from start saving allies time so they dont get shot instantly & also provides smoke cover.
- More protection for allies on the beach (2 tanks & 1 plane) giving them greater cover from start.
- Certain Allied spawns moved forward, spawning infront of shingle and at boat areas.


Upload zzzUser-Omjec.pk3 to your server, restart your server and away you go Laughing out loud

This mod is fully compatible with the 1st-BW & Cheat Police map fixes. It incorporates their fixes and adds my mod
on top. So you are fine to keep CMOHL2.8 and other fixes on your server.


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Testing & Thanks:

Big thanks to the Cheat Police map fix mod team as this mod was put on top of their map fixes.

[RASTA], Retrobe@ns, San Goku 13, Gotcha, BoXeR


RHINO, Yonk!Dog, Mikepjbell, Wishm@ster, Dosiedick, Hyperwelsh, Blaze, Strike, Natko, Bitsy, Spart(m)an, Falco,
MasterQ, Canux etc etc.


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Xfire : England4eva02