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No Rechamber Mod AA

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ok this is for all you peaple who wants faster
rifles without replacing the kar with the m1
all none scoped rifles in mohaa and sh fire like the m1
and the m1 reloads in mid clip

the first one is for mohaa
and the second one is for mohsh

read the readme
this mod uses custom mikes st files

also this uses the server fixes :icon_pray:giffe posted for aa and sh
it fixes sharking and more


Place in mohaa main

Patched State Files
Patches made by Elgan and found in
Admin Pro
Fixes compiled by =|95th|=GenDonut[GiffE]

This Fixes:
* MG42 Team Swap fix
* Ladder Team Swap fix
* MG42 Crouching Fix
* Land Shark Fix
* Grenade Drop Fix
* Fps crash fix