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NiceGuyEddie's Weapon Bar

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|RÐ|NiceGuyEddie's Weapon Bar - Readme file
Made by |RÐ|NiceGuyEddie ( nickname: Karl Wernicke) from Holland.
Here's a small readme file with all the things you need to do and not need to do. And other stuff you might wish to know.

This is a weapon bar in a bit wood style, but with the iron weapons from the normal weapon bar. The screenshots will tell
you more about it.

To install my weapon bar, put the 'niceguyeddies_weapon_bar.pk3' file into your Main, Mainta or Maintt folder (or all of
them). For those who never installed a file before, follow this:
C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\MOHAA\ (and then, find the Main, Mainta or Maintt folder).
Maybe your folder is located elsewhere, and if that's the case, search the folder EA GAMES.
Now go and play, and don't forget I've spent two whole evenings on it! Searching included Wink

This weapon bar is made by |RÐ|NiceGuyEddie (that's me).
My e-mail:

Feel free to send me your suggestions, I'll use them for next files!

You may distribute and copy this file as many times as you want, but please always include this readme file and the
screenshots when you put it on a website. Thanks.
This is free software. It may NOT be used for commercial purposes.

Used tools:
-PictureIt! 7.0
-Pak1.pk3 source files

Greetings, |RÐ|NiceGuyEddie