New mods for AA

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New mods for AA

Hey all,
I maked a new mods for AA - Rifle Scopes and Hit The V2 OBJ
Scoped Rifles
This is rifle only mod, adding scopes (from KAR98 Sniper) to M1 Garand and Mauser.
Hit The V2 mod
This is objective mod - to DM maps.
Creates a V2 rocket somewhere in the map (settes script) -
The player must add hit to his team by hitting V2
Rocket can be hit only once per 15 seconds.
Win conditions are showed in TABLIST - Scoreboard.
Sample available on
Enjoy and don't forget type comments!

Re: New mods for AA

I've been on your server with my clan mates and must say we had alot of fun on those maps.
It is a good dynamic and fast pace gamemod.
Good work m8.
We will catch you on the server to play with u guys