Nazi Zombies

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Mod PK3


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Nazi zombies southern france
on AA it sometimes work online if you start a server ingame.
Clients required the file to see te zombies.
install: Place it in ur main

uninstall remove it from ur main
Place the Wave.wav and the maxammo.wav in ur main\sound\music and drop it there.
This is not finished version and i wont continu it.
I also made dogs in it but i removed them cause of the lots of bugs they got.
Wave's -
You got 8 waves total
Want to restart to wave 1 again? open console and typ 2 times restart if you do once all the zombies will come in 1 time over all 8 rounds.
have fun

Credits to Elgan
Credits to PKM
Credits to herr kruger
credits to blackjack

skinners who made the zombie skins for the original mod resident evil, Salombo and PKM.

Download unzip and place in server main and client main - set server map to dm/mohdm1 (southern France)



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Re: Nazi Zombies

This is very cool and on testing I did not experience any problems running on server..........

Update could be my build but get server lag and hangs after few people come and go............

BUT Holy crap - you can play this on your jack jones and still get a fantastic game out of it...............

Its strange they dont shoot and are slow but I had to concentrate to complete and well really enjoyed it !!!- strange but it reminded of me all time fave RTCW.............

So ok its got some bugs and needs some gametype work like points for killing them bad assess and more maps but holllly shit this rocks

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






Re: Nazi Zombies

For server setup I ended up taking Reborn off as the script errors plus reborn = lag - also after few rounds the server needs to be restarted full as the zombies stop moving even after soft restart and map restart no joy with out full server restart.

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






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