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MPSH Modside Map Pack

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MPSH modside map pak for Spearhead
Server-side modded alliedassault maps for Spearhead.

These and others were only available by request in the past but decided to make them available to the public.

-these are modded alliedassault maps for a spearhead server.

Maps included:
(mohdm1) Southern France 1944
(mohdm2) Village of Breil
(mohdm3) Remagen Rhineland 1945
(mohdm5) Finland:Soviet invasion 1940
(mohdm6) Stalingrad Southern Russia 1942
(mohdm7) Algiers North Africa 1942
(obj_team3) Omaha Beach:Charlie Sector

maps were modded to increase play-action and to maximize enjoyment -fps & lag also went into consideration when modding these maps and key spawns have been protected but not infested (these maps do not contain 80 panzer tanks laid out all over the place as in some mods turning the maps into a unplayable scrapyard of military vehicles) These maps are modded to enhance battleplay in mind. NOTE: these set of maps are currently for spearhead only. Some of these maps will work in alliedassault- if you are running an alliedassault server you may contact me and I will send you the modside maps for AA.

installation: unzip and upload/place the .pk3 file into your MAINTA directory, make sure to remove other server side map mods if they are dm/mohdm maps.


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