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What is the Spearhead Tool?
The Spearhead Tool is a program which runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
It is written in C# .NET and allows users to browse our server list and join
the servers directly. The second main feature is a chat integrated into the

How do you get a server list if there is no GameSpy list anymore?
We will show two lists in the tool:
The primary list will be provided by our own community. We want to give our
clans a special opportunity to advertise their servers. This means, every clan
who joins our community will be listed there.
The secondary list will be provided by external sources. Our admins have
backed up the current GameSpy server list and will show all active servers
from that list too.

What is the difference to other tools available? Why a new one?
With the current development, there is no doubt that there are already
multiple existing tools. So you might wonder why we should do our own

We would like to build a European Spearhead community
Our tool's primary games will be SH and BT
We would like to offer our own server list in order to improve the visibility
of our clan's servers
Our tool should be the foundation of more advanced functionality: Community
chat, anti cheat, etc!