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Hey guys l
I should have started this topic one year ago, but you know how it goes... There are just alwaysthings in your mind that you do first. 
Well, here I am. For those who don't know, we created a community for MoHAAS servers. I wantedto give also MoHAA communities here a chance to get to know our project, because we supportall games from the MoHAA trilogy.
Especially in Europe, Spearhead is still very popular and has active communities. This is why ourtool is popular in Europe (several clans using it) and basically unknown yet in the US.
What is the community and why did we start it?
When GameSpy servers were shut down, there was quite some panic around. That is why I have started a community page with a tool to let users join MoHAA/S/BT servers. We usually call thistool just the " tool".
Our server list differs from the Reborn server list. Our goal was never to have a complete list of servers, but a list of active community servers. 
But the most horrible things in Spearhead are the cheaters. Sometimes they are very hard to spot, and unfortunately there is no Reborn patch in Spearhead to improve the server administration. That is why we always dreamed of nice server administration and cheat detection. Having a lot of toolusers, these are logical functions to be included in such a client tool. You all know, you can onlyproperly check for cheats if you have access to the clients.
So what is the tool today?
For the normal players, it's "just" a tool with a serverlist that allows you to join servers that participate in our program (or some that are added manually by us). The server list is published in the tool and on Users can also add their in-game settings and chat with each other.
For server administrators, it has now an extensive administration web panel with lots of functions:- Edit clan information- Add/remove servers- Maxping kick- You can force certain players by IP/name to use our tool, otherwise they cannot join your server- You can force all players to join the server by tool (DMW approach)- Kick, ban players through the admin panel by name, IP and/or tool ID- Browse player profiles (name/IP/tool ID)- Check the server statistics- Send rcon commands through the panel- And many more things- Add/remove clan members with different right levels
The greatest feature of our tool is that server admins can make so called "anti-cheat requests" ontool users. This function lets admins see screenshots of the game window of the tool users. Additionally, our tool checks for cheats in the MoHAA folders and reports uncommon files or detected cheats. Evenbetter, it will auto-kick players who use detected cheats even without admin interaction!
It would be way outta my time to describe everything that the administration panel is able of. Justask me if you have any questions.
How to get your server listed?
Write us an e-mail to

with your clan data, and we will set up your accounts. Thenyou can log in to the admin panel and add/remove as many servers as you want. Simple as that! - because Spearhead must not die.