MOHAA Reborn Patch Rcon Commands

I will Show You How To Use Rcon Commands By Using Reborn Patch 3.5 that you can download it from here   
 You Just Copy The Files From This And Put Them In Your Main Server And You Must Restart Your Server To Make The Reborn Patch Work And When You Restart Your Server Go To Xfire If You Have And Then You Can See Under Your Server Display Raw Server Info Click In it scroll down and you must see sv_info = MoH:AA 1.12 Reborn Patch RC3.5 (WIN) if you saw it that your Reborn patch worked. 
 In this site you can see commands like banname banip , clientkickr... . so to use them join your server type first set rconpassword <your rconpassword here>then type in console rcon ad_status to show your server players with thier idso to ban type in console if you want to ban id rcon ad_banid <here the player number>and then inter in that way the player will be banned from server.there are another ways to ban like banname so you can type here rcon ad_banname <player name here>.
here the player will be banned from his name.the same thing if you want to ban ip just type rcon ad_banip <ip player>.the player will be banned by his ip.that works with the kick and the commands that in the page take care for using these commands and Have Fun .you can restart server by typing rcon restart and to change map type rcon map <map name here like dm/mohdm6> .in the mohdm6 must the gametype be 1 because its Free for all map type in console rcon set g_gametype 1.
Have Fun Any Questions Please Ask. 
X-null Rcon Commands Site :

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as a great gamer I have always trusted MOHAA Reborn Patch Rcon Commands. Thanks for this great update.

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