MOHAA Maps on AAAA for Medal of Honor Allied Assault and MOHSH and Medal of Honor group of games

Welcome to the AAAA Maps Database for Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Medal of Honor Spearhead expansion. We currently host over 1600 MOHAA custom maps which also include many maps that will run under MOHSH AKA Spearhead and also a few for Medal of Honor Breakthrough.

The AAAA is made of many clans and supporters of this clasic legend MOHAA

The Content includes many Map formats from MOHAA SP, MOHAA OBJ and so on also Total conversion.

The Direct link for the map Database is - note you need to be registered to download - also you will gain other features on the website being registered.

AAAA would like to thank all the map creators new and old for their efforts in supporting MOHAA and creating these fantastic maps.

The MOHAA Legend without their efforts would not be the Legend it is today.............

We Make Every effort to try and document the map creator in some cases we may get it wrong and find the creators work has been hijacked by another party - BUT we will make every effort to correct any incorrect information if reported.

Any Registered user can upload and Create a Map database Record which is then checked and validated and we even test but we have a lot to check which is a great thing to have so many , for moderation rights to amend a Map database Record we vet all admins and moderators but if you would like to get involved then drop us a line in the forum -:

If you have an update and do not have admin or moderator access you can use the comment reply on each map record to feed back / request update.

AAAA Community including Clans and Players of MOHAA would to thank ALL the Map Creators for their time and effort on al these custom maps - The MOHAA game lives on today because of your efforts.

I would personally (AAAAheatsinkbod) like to thank X-Null community also SCAPP and the AAAA Community to help get this off the ground - many of the concept ideas came from all these. I would also like to thank SHADOW for all of his concept ideas, time and effort in supporting this project by uploading the bulk (just about all ) content with out his efforts we would only have a few maps Great Work SHADOW

The AAAA Map database can be found by the main menus on this site or direct link here -: AAAA MOHAA Map Database