MOHAA Linux 1.11 - Beta 2 Patch

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MOHAA Linux 1.11 - Beta 2 Patch

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First, this is a beta. There will be bugs. There will be crashes.

Second, I know the sound is a very wonky.

Third, there is no Spearhead support right now. Spearhead _does_ work on
Linux, but I want to focus on just the original MOHAA first, since most
bugs would apply to both.

To install:
- Install the retail Medal of Honor on Windows from a legal copy of the
retail discs. Patch it up to the latest version.
- Copy the installed game to a Linux box.
- Unpack this archive in the root of game's directory.
- Run ./mohaa_lnx

Do not send bug reports to me directly or to the server admin's mailing
list. They will be ignored. There is no game client mailing list at this

Send bugs to

Changes from last version:
- Built with gcc3 (which fixes various meshes in the wrong place, etc).
- Mouse handling should suck less.