MOHAA Game Server Configulator (GSC)

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MOHAA Game Server Configulator (GSC)

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A Game Server Configulator (GSC) is a tool that offers the user a way to configure and launch a (multiplayer) game server that runs in a LAN or online. The tool offers various options that are standard for the corresponding game, but also has additional options that may not be available from within the game. The user can load and save several different configurations to easily set up different types of game.

When the game server is launched, the GSC offers a server management window in which several administrative tasks can be done. All of these options and tasks may vary, because some games do not offer support for all of the possible features. The GSC is always used in conjunction with third-party game software, either full game versions or dedicated server executables that run under Mac OSX's Darwin Unix environment. GSCs run on the Mac OSX platform and are developed using Cocoa technology.

If you've ever hosted a dedicated multiplayer game on your Macintosh you know how annoying it is that you cannot set all of the options that the Quake 3 engine offers from within the game menus. You also cannot control the games and players on your server, except by typing in remote console commands.

By using a Game Server Configulator X you can use all of the in-game serving options, and several more. Apart from that, you are enabled to save several different configurations to run a game server. The GSC for MoH: Allied Assault provides an easy interface on top of the "mohaa_server" executable and offers an easy way to fully configure and run it.