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Modded SP to MP Maps Package

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I collected a bunch of (modded) SP to MP map conversions and added them to one package.
Note: None of these files are mine or made/modded by me.
I will try to give credits to all those that deserve it, however I couldn't track the creators of all files.

Some of the files might not work properly or aren't finished, but who knows, someone might still benefit from them or edit/complete them.

Files: - by Stoobing - by Stoobing
zzzzz-rats-in-a-trap_m4l3.pk3 - by ViPER
zzzzz-m6l1a_shock+aweTEST.pk3 - by FUNGUS
zzzzz-m1l3c_conversion.pk3 - by ViPER
zzzzz-gas-facility_m6l3d.pk3 - by ViPER
zzzzz-Gain_Ground_mod.pk3 - by ViPER
ZZZZZ_SFX_E1L3_MP.pk3 - by Cobra & ViPER
zzzzm5l1b.pk3 - by Cobra
zzzz{sfx}m6l2a.pk3 - by SFX
zzz-VIperst1l1.pk3 - by ViPER
ZZZ_M5L1B_FT.pk3 - by {**CD**} psychotoxic
ZZZ_M4L0.pk3 - by Unknown
ZZZ_M3L3_SFX_Para_Demo.pk3 - by SFX
ZZZ_M1L2B_OBJ.pk3 - by Cobra
zzz_AA_SP-2-MP_maps.pk3 - by Unknown
User-Vince-m4l2.pk3 - by Vince
user_M2L1_obj.pk3 - by Phil
m5l3.pk3 - by 88china
m4l0.pk3 - by Unknown
m1l3c_viper.pk3 - by ViPER
m1l3b.pk3 - by Cobra

Kind Regards,