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Pk3/Mod-Manager/Editor (v. 3.2.0)
if you have Pk3/Mod-Manager/Editor (v. 3.1.7 and below) you need
to uninstall it. to uninstall goto Control Panel and click add or remove

1. This will let you turn on and off your pk3 files
2. edit them
3. and now edit bsp map files!!!

What Version 3.1.7 Fixed
1."ocx" being out-of-date

What version 3.2.0 Fixed
1.the "Run-Time error '76' path not fond" on start up
2.When you click "Extract" there is no name
3.The "Fix !!" button on the bsp editor
4.Fixes it so i can make a patch so there is no need to unistall each time
5.A "Errors and Bugs" Page

To add a file in side a pk3 file or out side of you!
Double-click the pk3 file in the Mod on list or Mod
off list or click view Projects

Now click new project type in the name of the project
then select the project in the dropdown list

Look at the files in the treeview or click add file
if you selected a file in the treeview(pk3 file) then
click add to project.

after adding all the files to your project you can now
click view project

now you can change the name or edit the file or bsp file
and change the path and make your project in to a pk3 file