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MMDL  Auto map downloader for Spearhead and Breakthrough

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MMDL v0.11 (482)

What is MMDL
MoH Map Downloader is a patch that adds an automatic map download functionality to the game.

Which games does it support
Spearhead v2.15
Breakthrough v2.30
Breakthrough v2.40
(hopefully soon AA will be included here too)

How to install
Read the readme.txt

What was changed since the last version (briefly)
Fixed a couple of things, and added support for BT v2.30. You can read what I changed in the readme file.

Big thanks to heatsinkbod for hosting the database!

[============ MoH Map Downloader v0.11 =============]
[============== Written by VATEC6000 ===============]

[==== HOW TO INSTALL ====]

1. Find the directory where you installed the game (the directory where your current moh_spearhead.exe and/or moh_breakthrough.exe are). We'll call this directory the game directory from now on.
2. Copy mmdl.dll (found in this zip) into the game directory
3. If you want to install MMDL for Spearhead, copy EVERYTHING from inside the "SH" directory (found in this zip) to the game directory.
4. Or if Breakthrough, choose one of the "BT v2.XX" directories. If you don't know which one to choose, pick "BT v2.30".
5. Windows will ask if you really want to replace some files, just click yes. If it doesn't ask it at all, you're in the wrong directory.
6. Done!

[==== CVARS ====]

Cvar Purpose
mmdl_disabled Disables MMDL if set to 1
mmdl_database_url If set, MMDL will use this database URL instead of the default one (read server_instructions.txt to see how the URL is formatted)


v0.11 (May 4 2013)
+ Added support for BT v2.30
- Fixed a bug in the HTTP header parser
- Fixed the Back-button
- Fixed download speed calculation

v0.1 (May 3 2013)
The initial release