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This is a beta for a new utility I've written. The MOH: Downloader utility downloads, installs, manages, and uninstalls supported modification packages for all Medal of Honor games including MOHAA, MOHSH, and MOHBT. It currently only supports MMDL as a valid install package, but it can support any package we want added in the future which will hopefully soon include the reborn client when it's released. By the way, new download definitions, if there are any, are downloaded every time the utility is run. Thus, I can dynamically add new download packages for future use without you having to download an update. But you will need updates to this utility for bug fixes, if and when there are any.

In order to run this utility, you must have the .NET 4.0 Framework installed. Download and install it from here: Internet access is also required to download the mods.
Download the install wizard and run

Please let me know if you run into any bugs. This is why it's a beta. It hasn't been fully tested. I need your help!