La Poussiere

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rcon map dm/la_poussiere_dm

rcon map dm/la_poussiere_obj

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La Poussiere


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Death match and Objective

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***Disclaimer: -This map was created for Medal of Honor Allied Assault. It works in BT/SH but it may have some missing custom sounds. If that happen just restart the map via rcon. -I took rUnDoWn's version of the map as sketch and worked on it. -I restyled and tweaked it to improve FFA/TDM mode. Objective version keeps almost the original layout ***INFO: Map name: La poussiere Current version: Final Date: March 31, 2023. Available game mode: FFA, TDM, RBM and OBJ ***Instructions: Installation -Copy the pk3 into your MOHAA/main folder. Unistallation -Just delete the pk3. ***Known issues: If you are running the map in OBJ and change it to FFA it would change spawnpoints but keeps the objetives. To avoid that you have to reload the map via rcon rcon map dm/la_poussiere_dm or rcon map obj/la_poussiere_obj ***COPYRIGHT: Feel free to do whatever you want, just keep the credits. Mapping & scripting by Konig. Big thanks to Alex for handleSpawns. ***Contact: Discord:

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