JV_Bots Xtra Addon V2.1

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JV_Bots Xtra Addon V2.1

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XYZ - Xtra Addon V2.1


What's included?

+ Botmenu v2 by Ric-Hard

+ Additional Fixes:
* Leash error fixes (by Sor)
* spawnhandler fixes (by Sor)
* attack.scr error (by Blade)
* Realistic weapons for bots (by Blade)
* Rifle hit/whip sounds as well as the toses_ sound. (by Sor)

+ Bot Scoreboard V3 by Sor
* No more lag when playing with more than 22 bots
(dependant on system though)

* I've redone the entire system
* New ui scoreboard (ui/bot_scoreboard.urc)
* Keeps track of up to 32 bots (players included)
* Dead bots/players indicated in yellow

* Player deaths are now displayed and accurately
* Player kills are now displayed (playerkills and botkills added together) accurately
* Bots gain kill if they kill players (lose a kill if they kill a teamplayer)
* All players get displayed; I cannot display their names
(so I display their clientnumber if there are more than 2 players)
* Scoreboard FULLY viewable by all players on the server
(if they have the ui/bot_scoreboard.urc file of course)

* Use of globalwidgets reduces the cvar use from 90 to 32.
* Increased efficiency; reduction of lag
* No more executions from the lib_game.scr script; reduction of lag

+ Bot Killboard V2 by Sor
* Bots who aren't killed by players/bots get displayed with "NAME died"

* New killboard HUD & Colour, just like the player killboard
* Bugfix

* Works on all resolutions
* Shows which bot killed which or which bot killed which player
(up to 5 at the same time)
* Displayed on a non-disturbing place on the screen

+ Misc New Features
* Now you can see which bot killed you
(under the compass)


Edited Scripts:
- global/jv_bots/spawnhandler_default.scr
- global/jv_bots/lib_weapon.scr
- global/jv_mp_players.scr
- anim/attack.scr

Added Scripts:
- global/jv_bots/botscoreboard.scr
- global/jv_bots/botscoreboard_v2.scr
- global/jv_bots/killboard.scr

Place the pk3 in your main. Now open your unnamedsoldier.cfg file in main/config/
Add these lines (replace with the keys you want) to your binds:

bind my_key "pushmenu xyz_bot_Scoreboard"
bind my_key "togglemenu bmv2"