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Huddraw Helper

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Readme & info::
Wonderfully helpful script for easy setup of huddraws, whether it's text or shader.
Very simple to use, uses the same cvars for everything, you just add the line number to the end of the cvar
Ex: 'font 9' will change line's 1 font to choice 9, while 'font2 9' will do the same thing to line 2, etc etc.

The script auto loads the first line, and auto uses index 200. EVERYTHING can be changed by cvar, literally EVERYTHING.

Just like the Fog Maker, place it in your main or extract as you wish, and in your map script

exec global/hudhelp.scr

Gotcha's Huddraw Helper script


1.) help me <- Type this in console for help

2.) f list <- Type this in console for font list

3.) c list <- Type this in console for a color list

4.) line# "x" - on/off Use this to turn on a new line, line 1 is always on, so 'line2 on'
turns on line2, all the way up to line5.
To edit these new lines, 2-5, you must add the line # to your cvar.
Ex: changing the left-right position of line 2 with the 'lr' cvar would be 'lr2 -200' to move to -200.
Line 3 would be 'lr3 -200' and so on, simple eh?

5.) vs "x" - Virtual size, default 1

6.) hor "x" - Horizontal position, left/center/right, default right

7.) ver "x" - Vertical position, top/center/bottom, default top

8.) ud "x" - Move line up and down, subtract to move line up, add to move line down, min = 0, max = 470
(depending on font size) default = line 1 100, line 2 110, line 3 120, line 4 130, line 5 140

9.) lr "x" - Move line left and right, bigger negative number moves left, smaller moves right.
Max depends on font size/text length, for default text min = -640, max = -135, default -150

10.) w "x" - Set the width, default 100

11.) h "x" - Set the hieght, default 100

12.) alpha "x" - Set the alpha, default 1.0

13.) text "x" - Set your text to display, default ******DEFAULT******

14.) font "x" - Used with f list to set the font you want, default 11

15.) color "x" - Text color, only supports 8 premade colors, black, white, purple, yellow, cyan, blue, green, and red

16.) shader "x" - Used to reference in-game shaders found in texture folders
Usage: 'shader textures/sprites/moon1'
Setting 'shader "off"' will turn the shader off and go back to text.

17.) idx 'x' - Added last minute for convienence, this allows setting the index numbers, incase you already use
lines 200-204, as with all the other commands add the line # to it to change other lines.