How To Make MOHAA Server

Hello Everyone
I will show you how to make MOHAA Server For free :
First Go to This Site 
2- search your router kind you can find it by going to username is Admin and password Admin go the site and find Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Game and then you router kind.
3- after you find your router name you will see how to add it and there are tutorial for that so you must add in you in the port forward this ports : 12203 and 12300 and 12300
-4 after doing that click ok and close the window.
5- go to this site copy what in it and create new file in your name call it server.cfg and put what you copied in it and change what you want like name server.
6- you can see in the server.cfg Gametype the number 1 for Free For All the 2 for Team Match the 3 Freeze Tag the 4 for Objective.
7- after changing what you want go to MOHAA_server.exe in your main and do shortcut to your dekstop go to that shortcut and right click then properties add this in the line : +set dedicated 1 +set ui_console 1 +set g_gametype2 +set sv_maxclients 14 +exec server.cfg
8- now if u doubleclick MOHAA.server shortcut.exe u will see a little console come up and your server is running.. u can join the server by using your internal ip or whatever your internal ip is you can find it by typing in the Run in your start cmd and then click inter and then type ipconfig it show you your local ip.
9- When u want people to join your server u have to give them this ip u can find here or here
10-  if you want to close the server just close the MOHAAserver.exe shortcut and your server will close automatic.
Who That Helped You And Working .
any questions just ask Please.
MOHAA Server when he running :
Portforwarding site some pictures: