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Headshot Animations

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Title: Moh:AA Server Side Headshot Animations
Date: 06:05 25/12/2007
by: Elgan Sayer
Youtube Example: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=RajMd970JX0

Modders info:
SH is possible, You have to first create a state
for each head death animation. See mike_torso.st. Then
you must set its entrycommands to exec global/headshot.scr
with the animation name.
Then you must edit the shared anims folder and add whatever blood
effects you want to the anims client section.
Then you must add all the helmet and hat surfaces to be hidden
in headshot.scr. Go through all the characters with helmets. Find their
surfacs. Where it says: (using hat as an example surface)

surface hat blue_one

hat is your surface. So, add it to the list how the others are hidden in headshot.scr
Any problems just ask, im sure you can work it out if your trying tho.
In order to test. I setup myself a loop when use is pressed, play a death state from above
using forcetorsostate. Then it will play the anim i want. Remove the cam douse and self.origin
setting in the headshot.scr so u can view yourself.
How it works:
It works by hiding the head of a spawned
actor and then thet actor plays your death. While your
body is hidden below the map. A camera is spawned to
replace your view. When you spawn, your body moves, so the cam

It is possible to make the actors never
fade away by removing the commanddelay line in the

This mod will make the head of the player, when shot
in the head.Explode! It works by hiding the head of a spawned
actor and then thet actor plays your death. While your
body is hidden.

This mod also contains state file fixes from AdminPro.
* MG42 Team Swap fix
* Ladder Team Swap fix
* MG42 Crouching Fix
* Land Shark Fix
* Grenade Drop Fix
* Fps crash fix

Before Install:
This mod will conflict with Both state files
and also uses an editied anims_shared.txt file.

If you have conflicts, Please visit one of the forums
above. It is likely to conflict with mods such as
Admin pro, Foresight, Other admin mods. Mods that edit
player animations, or weapon select mods,

If its foresight, just delete foresight and u will be fine Tongue

1. Place the pk3 in your main dir.
2. Boot game.

1. Delete it.
2. Boot game.

Thank to cobra for help test:P