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Gameserver Protector:

********Attention: Version 4.0 isn't working, a new version is not in the making but is available on sourceforge if you are able to fix issues please update here *********

GsProtector is a firewall working on the application level for gameservers.
It filters between good and bad traffic and passes only the good traffic to the gameservers. Clients that send frequently bad traffic are automatically IP banned. If a server is under attack legit players will still be able to play.

Beside this core functionality it also provides admin capabilities such as IP and IP range banning and subadmin system accessible through the rcon interface of the gameserver.

Other feature are detailed logs about traffic and connections, QoS and traffic shaping and various features to protect the gameserver from remote attacs.


Protection against query flood attacs (eg. getstatus flood)
Protection against rcon flooding
Protection against remote crashing
Protection against attacs with spoofed IP's
Protection against attacs with bogus data
Autoban System for Attackers
Anti Lag
IP Banning
IP Range Banning
Firewall Banning
Rconlocker: Prevents changing of rcon password via console
Bad Rcon blocker, rejects rcon requests with wrong rcon password
Whitelists for Queries, Rcon, Joining
Shield Mode. Only registered players can join or administer the server. (Players register prior with the register password via. rcon)
Detailed Information about Packets and Traffic
Detailed Logs. Rcon activity is logged with timestamp and IP.
Trafficshaping and QoS
Easy to use Sub-Admin System, Sub Admins get their own rcon password so they can use any other rcon tool e.g. scapp-host, hlsw, ingame menu or ingame console - you define which commands they are allowed to use
It is possible to use single ban and immune lists for multiple servers (SharedGspFolder) (
Fully configurable via config file or rcon, features can be toggled on/off
High Performant, as effectively as a firewall but especially tailored for game servers
Works independently from other patches or tools
If your server is being attacked you will still be able to join and play
Comes shipped with a comfortable and easy to use Editor. The Editor allows easy management of settings and banlists.

Please check the Documentation here:,127.0.html
about details.



Run the .msi GsProtector setup file. This will install the GsProtector Editor on your computer.
With the editor you can install and manage your GsProtector installation on your server.
The installation will create folders to manage and held local copies of GsP settings and log files in your personal data folder. Search for folder "scapp" if you need to locate.
You need a ftp connection to your gameserver.

Download and installation will most probably issue warnings "unknown publisher" coming from your browser or Windows OS. The software is developed with no intention to harm your computer in any way, you may want to grab the source-code, check and compile yourself. In any case you should only download and install GsP from this site or the sourceforge site.

Use the remove function in the editor if you want to remove GsProtector from the server. Or alternativly remove manually the GsProtector folder and then the files: myproxocket.dll, ws2_32.dll, wsock32.dll.
Use the "uninstall a program" function of your windows to uninstall the GsProtector Editor.

Please note

- The GsProtector is only for Windows systems.
- This version of GsProtector (4.0) is in an early beta stage.
- This version of GsProtector (4.0) is not compatible to previous version (except for banlists)
- Full features only available with mohaa/sh/bt games

Known Bugs

early beta stage, contains bugs for sure.

Open Source

GsProtector is open source Cool licenced with GpL v.2 licence, source code is hosted on

Sourcecode is located in the source folder on



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Re: SCAPP GSProtector V4

********Currently Under Construction**********

Documentation to Gameserver Protector:

Gameserver Protector

Description / Purpose

GsProtector is the tool that helps to protect your game server and also offers additional admin features, Features:  

  • Protection against ddos attacs
  • Protection against query flood attacs (e.g. getstatus flood)
  • If your server is being attacked you will still be able to join and play
  • Protection against rcon flooding
  • Protection against remote crashing
  • Protection against attacs with spoofed IP's
  • Autoban System for Attackers
  • Anti Lag
  • IP Banning
  • IP Range Banning
  • Immunelist
  • Rconlocker: Prevents changing of rcon password via console
  • Whitelists for Queries, Rcon, Joining
  • Shield Mode
  • Detailed Information about Packets and Traffic
  • Easy to use Sub-Admin System, Sub Admins get their own rcon password so they can use any other rcon tool e.g. scapp-host, ingame menu or ingame console - you define which commands they allowed to use
  • Fully configurable via config file or rcon, features can be toggled on/off
  • High Performant, as effectively as a firewall but especially tailored for game servers
  • Works independently from other patches or tools
  • Very easy to install, only FTP access is required


Extract the zip archiv and place the files in your root game server folder (there where the game server executable is) and restart your game server.
(Important: Please change the passwords in the GsProtector.ini file: rconpw and loginpw to strong passwords.)

You should then when you start your server see a GsProtector_logfile.txt generated in your server folder. You can also test with a rcon gpstatus if all is setup properly.


Remove (all) the files (that are associated with GsProtector) from your root game server folder and restart your game server.

Anti Flooding / Anti Lag and Auto ban Flooders


Sub Admin System

Available Sub Admin Commands:


kick            <Name>   
say            <String>
clientkick         <ClientSlotNumber>
map            <String>
gametype         <GameTypeNumber>
exec            <String>
set            <String>
cmd            <String>
gpbanip         <IP>
gpunbanip         <IP>
dumpuser         <String>

How Sub Admin Works:

To enable and allow Sub Admins you set the parameter AllowSubAdmins to 1 in the GsProtector.ini file.

Further you have to set the servers real rconpassword in this parameter: Rconpassword

You set the commands your Sub Admins with the parameter: SubAdminsAllowedCommands. Possible values are from ß to 16384, check below on how to set which commands are allowed.

Finaly you set the Sub Admin Password in this parameter: SubAdminPw. 

Your Sub Admins can use this password as if it is the rconpassword of the server, so they can use it with any rcon tool or from console, but only allowed commands will work.

Important, Please Note:

>>>>>>>> The Subadmin Password must be longer or equal in length than the Server Rcon Password <<<<<<<<<<

Setting Rights for Sub Admin:

The following commands are associated with a value:

Command         off-value      on-value

status         0         1
kick            0         2
say            0         4
clientkick         0         8
map            0         16
gametype         0         32
exec            0         64
set            0         128
gpbanip         0         256
gpunbanip      0         512
cmd            0         1024
quit            0         2048
restart         0         4096
dumpuser         0         8192

Now you have to do some math, you have to add the values of the commands you want to allow and set the param SubAdminsAllowedCommands accordingly.


you want to allow status, clientkick, say, gpbanip and dumpuser then your table looks like this: (for all commands we dont want to allow we take the off-value 0, else the on-value from above list)

status         1
kick            0
say            4
clientkick         8
map            0
gametype         0
exec            0
set            0
gpbanip         256
gpunbanip      0
cmd            0
quit            0
restart         0
dumpuser         8192
The sum is:      8461

You now set the parameter SubAdminsAllowedCommands to 8461. Thats it.

Additional Sub-Admin Passwords:

You can define additional sub-admin passwords in the GsProtector_SubAdmins.txt file.
The syntax is: "<password>" <Rights>
for example: "ThisIsATestPassword" 5

Important are the Quotes around the password, and please remember that sub-admin password have to be longer (or equal) in length than the server's rcon password.

Please note: gpinfo, gpstatus and echo will always work hence no value. (echo is a command which is used by many rcon tools for testing if the rcon password is correct)

Firewall bans

GsProtector offers the ability to issue IP bans directly in the windows firewall. 
To make use of this option the gameserver has to be started with sufficient rights, usually as administrator, and the settings have to be set accordingly which are:

pathToNetsh: the path to netsh.exe, usually "c:\Windows\System32\netsh.exe"

appPort: the listening port of your gameserver e.g. 12203. This is used as identifier in the firewall, aswell as blocking the IP only for this specific port (this applys to winserver 2008/win7 only, on win2003/win2000/xp all ports will be banned for that IP)

FirewallBans: set here whether to allow firewall bans or not 

Please note: If firewall bans aren't allowed and Banning is set to 2 no bans will be issued

Caution on win2003/2000/xp server, if u test-ban yourself make sure you can access the firewall somehow.

The Config Files

GsProtector is controlled via 2 config files: GsProtector.ini and GsProtector_Host.ini

The GsProtector_Host.ini has settings for the Gameserver Hoster: 

Code: [Select]


FirewallBans: wheter to allow (1) or disallow (0) bans in the firewall of the windows server.
OperatingSystem: 0= WinServer2008/ Win7/Vista, 1= WinServer 2000/2003/XP
GameType: The type of the Gameserver, e.g. 0=Mohaa, 1= Spearhead/Breakthrough
pathToNetsh: The full path to the netsh.exe command line tool (required for firewall control)
appPort: The listening Port of the gameserver. Also used as identifier for bans in the firewall

The GsProtector.ini has these settings:

Code: [Select]


Banning: 0=off, 1= internal bans only, 2 = firewall bans only, 3 = internal and firewall bans

Shielding and Login

This is a mode meant mainly for war servers. 

Players register with the server by doing a login. War admin handles out the gploginpw to the players, they do a "rcon <gploginpw> login" in their ingame console or via a rcon tool. 

Now the war admin sets the Shield to 1 and the server is in shield-mode which means only those players previously logged in can join or play, getstatus queries to the server are limited and also only those player registered can issue rcon commmands.
It is like a passworded server with the addition that it also cares about query and rcon requests. 

Whitelists and Immunelists

GsProtector offers Whitelist for Join/Connected Players, Rcon and Queries and an Immunelist to immunisize IP's.

Immunelist: No checks will be done for network packets that come from IP that have been immunisized Rcon command to add IP to the Immunelist: ImmuneAdd <IP>
Rcon command to remove IP from the Immunelist: ImmuneRem <IP>

Whitelist: IP's on a Whitelist are exclusively allowed for the server if the specific whitelist is turned on.
Rcon command to add IP to a Whitelist: WlAdd <WlType> <IP>    wlType: [0,1,2] (0=queries, 1=rcon, 2= join)
Rcon command to remove IP from a Whitelist: WlAdd <WlType> <IP>    wlType: [0,1,2] (0=queries, 1=rcon, 2= join)
You need to specify to which Whitelist you want to add the IP with the WlType.

As Admin of your server you want to be the only one allowed to issue rcon commands in the server, then you add your IP to the Rcon Whitelist: rcon WlAdd 1
Where 1 specifies the type of the Whitelist = here Rcon and is your actual IP.
Now you turn on the Whitelist for Rcon with: rcon WlRcon 1
Alternatively you can also do a login with the server (as described in Topic Shielding) which adds your IP automatically to all Whitelists and turn on the Whitelist for Rcon only.

Remote Crash Fixes 

The GsProtector protects versus different remote crash attacs. 
However it does not fix any vulnerabilities that are related to the gameserver engine itself like mohbuf fill attac.

Log files

These logfiles will be created:


Contains info about the status of GsProtector
If Logging is set to 1 then Rcon, Player Connects will be written to log files.
If PrintInfo is set 1 information about the packets that have been sent to the gameserver in a timeinterval like how many queries, how many banned packets will be written to the log file.

example of the content: 

Code: [Select]

=======Sun Apr 01 17:23:40 2012
 Config settings loaded, GS Protector working.

=======Sun Apr 01 17:23:40 2012
 Gameserver Protector Current Config Settings:
OperatingSystem= 0
appPort= 12203
loginpw= test
Banning= 1
AntiFlood= 1
AntiLag= 1
MaxQueriesPerSec= 50
MaxRconPerSec= 10
MaxConnectPerSec= 10
PrintInfo= 1
AutoUnBan= 3
AutoUnBanHours= 24
WlQueries= 0
WlRcon= 0
WlJoin= 0
ImmuneList= 1
Logging= 1
FloodPacketsMs= 50
FloodPacketsThreshold= 5
FloodPacketsIP= 10
performChallenge= 0
Shield= 0

=======Sun Apr 01 17:25:42 2012
 Received Packets Info.
Timespan: 60001 ms
Packets: 16
Queries: 16
Banned Packets: 0
Connect Packets: 0
Rcon Packets: 0


Details of the player connecting to the gameserver will be written into this file.


If an attac is detected the IP of the attacker is written to this file.

Rcon Commands

These are Rcon Commands you can use:

Code: [Select]

Banning [0,1,2,3] (0=off, 1=internal bans, 2=firewall bans, 3= internal + firewall bans)
AntiFlood [0,1]
AutoBanFloods [0,1]
MaxQueriesPerSec [10-9999]
MaxRconPerSec [10-9999]
MaxConnectPerSec [10-9999]
PrintInfo [0,1]
AutoUnBan [0,1]
AutoUnBanHours [1-9999]
WlQueries [0,1]
WlRcon [0,1]
WlJoin [0,1]
ImmuneList [0,1]
Logging [0,1]
FloodValueMs [20-750] (1000ms = 1000 milliseconds = 1 second)
FloodPacketsThreshold [3-50]
FloodPacketsIP [3-50]
performChallenge [0,1]
UpdateConfigOnRcon [0,1]
Gploginpw               <String> (Passwords max. 30 chars long, minimum length 3)
MaxConnPerIP [1-100]
LimitConnPerIP [0,1]
IpRangeBans [0,1]
GpBanIP <IP>
GpUnbanIP <IP>
WlAdd <WlType> <IP> wlType: [0,1,2] (0=queries, 1=rcon, 2= join)
WlRem <WlType> <IP> wlType: [0,1,2] (0=queries, 1=rcon, 2= join)
ImmuneAdd <IP>
ImmuneRem <IP>
SubAdminPw            <String>
Rconpassword    <String>
SubAdminsAllowedCommands [0-16384]

In brackets the possible values.

Please note:

1)GpBanIP and GpUnbanIP accept IP's in 3 different formats:

1.1) IP in format e.g. ==> the Ban will be added/removed to the IP Banlist
1.2) IP in format e.g. ==> IP Range Ban ==> Ban will be added/removed to IP Range ban list.
Please make sure exactly one whitespace between the two IP's.
1.3) IP in format e.g. 224.0.0.* ==> IP Range Ban ==> which is eqal to ==> Ban will be added/removed to IP Range ban list

2) If the Gploginpw password is to short (below 3 chars) the default passwords will be set which is: thepw

3) Rcon commands are NOT case sensitive, so you if you write GpBanIP or gpbanip is the same.

4) There has to be between rcon and the command exactly one whitespace.

5) If you use different passwords for GsProtector Rcon and your Server Rcon you need to set the password each time with rconpassword if you switch between commands e.g. rcon status (for the gameserver) and rcon gpstatus (for GsProtector)

Flood Testing

modder has provided a page where you can test if your game server is vulnerable to floods (rconpassword required):

For the testing, enable logging of your game server so that it prints query requests to the logfile, start then with the testing, if you find all of the 100 queries in your logfile your server is vulnerable to flooding attacs.

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