Foresight Scanner - Vista/Win7 Fix

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Foresight Scanner - Vista/Win7 Fix

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This is a fix that lets users run the Foresight Scanner on your Vista/Windows 7 machine. So far, it has been tested, with success, by various members here with: Vista Home SP1, Vista "Home Premium" 64 bit SP2, Vista Ultimate 32-bit, Vista Business 64-bit and Windows 7.

Official MohForesight file approval date: 1/12/2009

Machines tested on: Vista Home SP1 32-bit, Vista "Home Premium" 64 bit SP2, Vista Ultimate 32-bit, Vista Business 64-bit, Windows 7.

If you install this file and it works on an Operating System not listed here, please post in the forums and let us know about it.
The more tested OS's, the better.

Instructions for Foresight Scanner use on Vista and Windows 7 machines.

1.) Uninstall previous versions of the Foresight Scanner if you have it already installed on your computer.
a.) Remember to "Export" your Foresight banlist (.txt file) somewhere on your computer, preferrably on your desktop so it's easy
to find. There have been some claims that when Foresight is deleted, it also deletes all Foresight folders, including the banlist and
there's no getting it back.

2.) Run the file (msvbvm50.exe).

3.) Re-install the Foresight Scanner.

4.) *OPTIONAL* Restart your computer. (It is always good practice to restart your computer after installing any program.)

5.) Run the Foresight Scanner and it should now be working without any errors. You can now "Import" your banlist back into Foresight.

If you happen to run into any errors, please post in the forums and someone there will help resolve your problem, if it can be.

Information about the file:
Msvbvm50.exe installs Visual Basic 5.0 Run-Time Files. Msvbvm50.exe is a self-extracting file that installs the latest versions of the Microsoft Visual Basic run-time files that all applications created with Visual Basic 5.0 need in order to run.

This is an official Microsoft download file, though MohForesight takes no responsibility for any harm done to your computer created by this file. Always backup or create a "System Restore" point in case anything wrong should happen. Even though this has been tested with several versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, it may not work in your case.