FLOT's Single Player Conversions V1.0

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FLOT's Single Player Conversions V1.0

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FLOT's Single Player Conversions v1.0 - Readme file
Thank you for downloading my mod!

Contact info:


url: www.flotserver.net
X-Fire (www.xfire.com): grosskopf

First, credit where credit is due:
Thanks go out to Falc for converting: M1L2A, M2L1, M3L3, M4L3, M5L1A, M5L1B, T1L1, T2L4
Thanks go out to (+)RW(+)blmeanie for converting: M6L2A
Thanks go out to PoSSe9939 for converting: M4L2
Thanks go out to Creaper: M4L1, M5L2A
Thanks go out to Sweetrobot: M4L0

My original conversions: M2L2A, M6L2B, T1L2, T1L3, T3L1

Included with this mod should be two sound fixes. (name here) is server side. This will fix issues with some of the single player sounds on the server side of things. (name here) is the client side fix. This is Falc's single player sound fix with a slight modification that makes it so you hear the "radio" sound when you chat in the game. This file is for those sounds that can't be fixed server side.

1. This mod contains the following single player maps, ready to be played: M1L2A, M2L1, M2L2A, M3L3, M4L1, M4L2, M5L1A, M5L1B, M6L2A, M6L2B, T1L2, T1L3, T2L4. T3L1. I took all of the single player maps that I run on my server and added rotating spawns to help limit spawn killing.

3. Not all of the maps have Free For All spawn points. I run TDM and that's what I've focused on. Feel free to add them to the maps.


Put it in your server's mainta directory and restart your server. If you use other single player map conversions that run the same maps, move them out of your server's main, mainta or maintt directory (whichever is applicable).

If you need any help, feel free to email me.