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Escort-The-Tank MOD

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PacRac {SFX}





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** This file is part of the MOD **
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** -=[Escort-The-Tank]=- ** * You are not allowed to modify this mod without the permission of the creator. *
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** Game MOD created by [PacRac] **
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Stable version created on 02-02-2014 and released beta version available to play on server IP:

EDITED (26-09-2014) : A NEW map has been added "Remagen" .

EDITED (05-10-2014) : A NEW map has been added "Sniper's Last Stand - City Hall" (m5l1b) .

EDITED (31-10-2014) : A NEW map has been added : "The Nebelwerfer Hunt" (m3l3)

EDITED (28-12-2014) : A NEW map has been added: " Sabotage the Motorpool" (m1l2b).

EDITED (09-03-2015): NEW map has been added: "Algiers"

At this moment there are 8 maps available on the mod : "Destroyed Village" , "Crossroads" , "Remagen" , "Algiers" , "Sniper's Last Stand - City Hall" (m5l1b), "The Nebelwerfer Hunt " (m3l3) , "The Communications Blackout (m6l2a) and " Sabotage the Motorpool" (m1l2b).

Last stable version released and available to download 22-02-2017



Extracted from Shadow's MOHAA GUIDE Ver.1.4:

"Escort the Tank Escort the Tank (or Escort the Vehicle) is a gametype where one team has to escort & defend a tank to a predetermined location (mostly starting in your own spawn, with the finish being in the enemies’ spawn).

The enemy obviously has to stop you from reaching the finish (glowing red spot on the ground).

This gametype is also seen in other games as Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch.

To escort the tank, all you have to do is stand next/close to the tank. You can be left, right, behind and in front of the tank to make it move. HOWEVER standing left and right of it makes it go faster than when you’re standing behind or in front of it (the latter will cause the tank to stutter whilst moving and thus it won’t be as smooth and fast as standing left or right of it).

Spawns will change when the tank has been moved to a certain spot (checkpoint), thus making sure the escort/defending team will spawn closer to the tank and the attacking team closer to the finish (in order to stop the incoming tank).

The tank can be stopped in 2 ways:
• Kill the escort (players next to the tank, making it move forward)
• Grab a bazooka, shoot the tank twice (2x) and it will be destroyed until the escort repairs it

Bazooka’s can be found in several (red) cabinets located around the map (perhaps scout the maps in advance to locate all the cabinets). Press AND hold your Use key (default = E) for a couple of seconds until the cabinet opens up and a bazooka appears, now press E to grab the bazooka. You ARE able to carry your main weapon and bazooka at the same time, however when you drop either one of them, you cannot pick them up again and thus only hold one.
You can only hold 2 main weapons if you grab the bazooka from a cabinet (not the ground).
Tanks can be repaired by the escorting team by pressing AND holding the Use key (default = E) when standing next to it, either on the left or on the right side of the tank.

Per map, both teams will be the escorting team once.
But there can only be 1 winner per map. This means that if the first team makes it to the finish, the second team has to beat the time it took the first team to get there.
If the first team doesn’t make the finish, the same rule applies, beat the time it took the first team to get to the spot where they ended."




.STOP the server.

.Place the file ÅÅEscort_The_Tank.pk3 in your server's /MAIN folder.

.Add this line inside your server's file (ex:server.cfg) (works better with this map rotation):

// Map Rotation

seta sv_maplist "m4l3 m3l3 dm/mohdm7 dm/mohdm4 dm/mohdm2 m1l2b dm/mohdm3 m6l2a m5l1b"

.Then RESTART the server.

... and that's it, EASY Wink.


NOTE: This gamemod is fully compatible with ADMIN PRO mod. Works with or without it.

NOTE: This gamemod is fully compatible with REBORN PATCH. Works with or without it.

To turn ON the reward bonus for reparing the tank, you need to add this line inside your server's config file (ex:server.cfg):

"seta escort_reward 1"


If you don't have reborn patch activated on your server DO TURN IT OFF, or mod won't work properly.

To turn it OFF:

"seta escort_reward 0"


There are still some minor bugs that i have never got time to fix them, but mod is totally playable.

All Serverside Mod.

Thanks alot to Mods-r-us & Modtheater websites, for all interesting stuff published there.

A very special thanks to Cobra {SFX}, I got stuck in the early stages of the project and he helped me to get on tracks again with his knowledge and wisdom.
Thanks for the glue, cobs Wink

Hope you enjoy it. Have FUN!!

Your MOHAA Friend,