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Clan Tags - Final

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DUST & JADE, Update by EasyMeat





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Clan Tag Mod By JADE & DUST-
1.) Made 1 folder for each letter type , now you only need to add
exec FLAMES5/N5.scr::main
Instead of exec LETTERS/ALWYAS_SHOW/EMMITERS/N5.scr::main.
Folders are numbered with their colors.
WHITE1 A-Z + - = |
RED2 A-Z + - = |
GREEN4 A-Z + - = | ( SH ONLY )
FLAMES5 A-Z + - = |
FLASH A-Z + - = |
( make letters blink on or off all letter types in this folder you still use letter numbers just change the folder name ie exec FLASH/N2.scr::main would be blinking red N see note 3 below )
2.) Added more letters for each color/type there are now 5 of each, which will give you more options on what you can make.
3.) Added 3 new characters - = |
4.) Removed the following letter types
Blow Torch
Electric Arc
Adams Spark
Orange Letters
5.) Made the orb scales smaller for a crisper looking tag.
6.) Changed clantags_settings.txt to clantags_settings.cfg
(for some reason Spearhead wudn''t exec it as a txt file)
7.) Added Spearhead maps to clantags_settings.cfg
8.) Made a clantgas_settings.scr file to be also used to replace
the cfg if you wanted to, just change exec clantags_settings.cfg to exec clantags_settings.scr in ambient.scr.
9.) Made a flag.scr to replace the fireworks.scr if you want, I
found that while the fire works looked cool, if you get too
many people shooting it off it make server lagg.
1.)Place the user_Clan_Tags_rev2.pk3 and the clantags_settings.cfg in main/mainta/maintt folder ( haven;t tested it on BT )
2.) set up your clantags_settings.cfg
( I put my cfg in here as a template on how to do it )
Setting Up The Clantags_Setting.cfg:
1.) Make sure you have developer on so you can get your coords.
2.) Start a game, go to where you wish to place your clan tags.
3.) Open console type in coord, write down the coord, it will look like this,
location: 504.00 216.00 -31.00
angles: 0.00 0.00 0.00
axis: 1.00 0.00 0.00
(use 'tele' or 'face' to set)
all you need is the first set of numbers, 504.00 216.00 -31.00
Thats your starting point. 504.00 is left to right, 216.00 is in and out -31.00 is up or down.
4.) In the settings cfg add these numbers
exec FLAMES5/N5.scr::main ( 504.00 216.00 -31.00 ) ( 0 0 0 ) 1
Now save it and go back in game and you will see a flaming N in that spot. Then just repeat this untill you have all your letters set.
I found that once you get your first letter where you want it, sub tract 128 from the the first number and you will be close to where your next letter should be.
( 504.00 216.00 -31.00 ) so your next letter would be at ( 376 216 -31 )
exec FLAMES5/N5.scr::main ( 504.00 216.00 -31.00 ) ( 0 0 0 ) 1
exec FLAMES5/S5.scr::main ( 376 216 -31 ) ( 0 0 0 ) 1
If you use the letter I or the | in your tag you would sub tract 48, then back to sub tract 128 for the next letter.
The last 2 letters in your coord will not change after they are set, all you need to do is get the first number right.
**** NOTES ****
1.)You can't change the angles of letters so you are limited on where in the map you can put your tags, they only face one way.
However with the extra letters you can put your tags in more than one place in the map. ( see screen shots )
2.) In Spearhead you can not use the Weather11.scr for making it a night time look in the following maps:
MP_Flughafen_TOW MP_Ardennes_TOW MP_Verschneit_DM
3.) Falshing letters are set as follows from bottom of letter scr's:
while (1)
wait 10 // time to wait before hiding tags
self hide
wait 180 // time before showing tags again
self show

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