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This is a map pack containing a Snow Ball Fight mod and several Custom maps with a christmas theme.
Custom christmas skins have also been added !

This package should bring some fun to servers during Christmas times !


This pack has been formed by Shadow
Some of the files inside have also been editted by Shadow
This pack is ment for the AAAA Theme Server (during/around Christmas time).


The credits for the files are as follows:

Christmas by Dodgerman
X-Mas Base by Bloodkiller
X-Mas Night by Joker
Low Down Dirty Mall X-Mas by PKM
Krugerland by Herr_Kruger
Snowy Town by Stuka
MoH:AA X-Mas by Bdbodger

axis_Jolly_Ol_Saint_Nick by Armdude
allied_frosty by Herr Klugscheisser
german_frosty by Herr Klugscheisser
user-santa_skin_pack by Cubus
zzz_santa_girls by TheRipppa
zzzz_elf by TheRipppa
Santa by Dagroov
Snowman by TheRipppa

Snow Contest V2 by jv_map


My apologies if I forgot someone, it was not my intention. Please contact me if your name should be on here.

Place files in both the server and the players mohaa\main for it to work.

Map video