Christmas Maps

Some of the maps might be for SH/BT only and not playable in AA.
Extremely fun maps during Christmas times!

For Christmas player skins go to:
Under 'Theme' choose: 'Christmas' (click on Apply afterwards)


Christmas Maps:

Ardennes - Christmas in the Trenches
Ardennes - Christmas in the Trenches - Bots
Christmas (1)
Christmas Assault (Single Player)
Christmas House - AA
Christmas House - SH
Destroyed Village Snowy Night
Low Down Dirty Mall X-Mas
MoH:AA X-Mas
Northpole AA
Omaha Beach - Christmas
Red Christmas
Red One - Operation Barbarossa: Christmas 1941
Red One - Operation Barbarossa: Christmas 1941 SH
Saving Private Frosty
Weihnachts Dorf - Navidad 1936
Weihnachts Dorf - Navidad 1936 SH
White Christmas
X-Mas Base
X-Mas Beach
X-Mas Night
X-Mas Schlittschuhbahn

Winter/Snowy Maps:

AR Bunkeranlage
Bloody Snow
Bootcamp Snow
Capture the Tree
Civil War - Winter Battle (Cold Harbor) (Total conversion)
Destroyed Village & Remagen - Snowy
Destroyed Village Snow
Destroyed Village Snow SH
Es Weihnachtet Sehr
German Winter Night DM
German Winter Night OBJ
GunFun Snow
Harbor SH
Kruger Land
Modern Estate Winter
Nazi Wunderwaffe - Die Glocke
OBC Snowy Town
Open Terrains - Glacier
Open Terrains - Ice 1
Open Terrains - Ice 2
Operation Krugerland (Single Player)
Osterreich Final
Recycling Center
Sniper Snow
Sniper Snow 2
Snow Blind
Snow Bound
Snow Camp
Snow Field Test
Snow Hill V2 - The Last Exile
Snow Sniper Fury
Snowball Fight 1
Snowed in France
Snowfun 2
Snowy Ambush
Snowy City
Snowy Mountain
Snowy Runway
Snowy Town
Snowy Village SE
Snowy Village V1
St. Floretes 2 Winter
Stalingrad Snow
Stalingrad Snow 2
Team Zero (Winter Assault)
Team Zero 2 (Winter Assault)
Team Zero 2 (Winter Night Assault)
The Bridge - Winter
The Hunt - Snowy
The Ritual
The Ritual SH
Tram Siege
V2 Winter
Vemork Approach DM
Vemork Approach OBJ
Vemork Factory Small 1.1 OBJ
Vemork Factory Small 1.1 DM
Vemork Factory Small 1.2 OBJ
Winter Base
Winter Base 2
Winter Compound
WW1 - Winter (Total conversion)