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BSP to MAP Converter

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|A Mohaa BSP to Map Converter|

Made by: Kenter Ro (Japnese Letters to English Letters)
Copyright: Kentaro-K.21

This program was originally in Japnese and was converted into English!

I first of all, didn't make this program nor am I taking credit for it. I have found it and brought it to the attention of the MOHAA Community. This converter is a great tool for any mohaa mapper or beginning mapper.

To install:
None needed just run the EXE and follow the instructions given in this readme.

To use:
find the source of the BSP file and then create a destination for the .map to be converted to. Then click convert. Then the map will be converted and sent to that location. Then use Radiant and load up the map and away you go.

Again I didn't make this and I never will take credit for it. Since I didn't make it I am therefore not responsible for ANY problems you may have EVER! Weather it be stealing of ideas maps textures or what not. So With that said, Have a Blast!