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A mod for Omaha Beach. Now you're able to play beachsoccer.
If you corner the ball it will explode and weapons are not allowed.

\_| /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////|
\_| //// Soccer (OmahaBeachSoccer) Beta v1.0 by Richard /////|
\_| /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////|
\_| Description:
\_| This is an addon gametype to Mefys Extended-Gametypes mod, Version 1.2.2 or later,
\_| and only for Omaha (obj/obj_team3) , I made it as a fun test so I havent put so much work into it,
\_| but Iv´e decided to release it since many have asked me to do so after playing it on my server.
\_| its a beta-version and Im not sure if I will continue to develop this mod.
\_| Anyways, to start playing Soccer in Omaha add the following cvar: g_extgametype_obj_team3 beachsoccer
\_| Gameplay & BallControl:
\_| Approach the ball to push it forward.
\_| Hold FIRE-key for soft kicks/passes.
\_| Hold FIRE-key & USE-key for somewhat hard kicks/passes.
\_| Hold USE-key for hard kicks/passes.
\_| Each match is 5 minutes and only weapon is Silenced Pistols with 8 bullets, 2 fake "Ai"Goalies (they suck btw:)).
\_| Supported Games:
\_| Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault, (mihgt work in Spearhead & Breakthrough, I havent tested).
\_| Supported Maps:
\_| Omaha
\_| Cvars:
\_| g_extgametype_obj_team3 beachsoccer
\_| How to install:
\_| 1. place the pk3 inside your mohaa main dir, usualy found at c:\program files\ea games\mohaa\main



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Re: Beachsoccer

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Re: Beachsoccer
no puedo descargar ningun mod

Translate -: I can not download any mod

Hi just click on a mod then click on the mod file

Translate -: Hola basta con hacer clic en un mod continuación, haga clic en el archivo mod

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