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Review by: General Death


Bazaar consists of small town with interconnecting buildings and rooftop access. This is a CTF (Capture The Flag) map consisting of a flag for each team in their control room. The object is to control both flags for a split second, which will trigger a win for your team. With several routes available to get from your flag to the opposite teams flag, combined with it being a small compact map, action will not be hard to find.

Presentation / Technical

Before we start I have to say that with the exception of a few minor areas, quality not quantity was the focus of this map. Textures really seemed to be planned out well. There was not a lack of variety used and I could not find any Z-fighting going on in the map. Hats off for someone checking there brushwork overlaps before texturing. I only noticed a few areas where the texture was misaligned. From what I can remember it was on handrails and a wood flooring texture was used.

Lighting was very nicely done. Lots of forethought was used in placement, amount, and color to give it a very "real" feel to the map. The sun direction was also perfect. As you are on some of the roofs, the dusk effect due to the suns angle really creates some great shadows. Only areas that could use some work in the lighting department would be that some areas of the map were too dark. I know that these areas provide some good cover but in combination with the placement of some crates you can hit an "invisible" object, which hinders flow. The other lighting issues were that some lighting leaked though walls. Was this limitation of the Mohr or a lack in some sort of a mapping step I am not sure. I say that since I have seen it on a lot of maps with this type of dusk setting.

Brushwork was nice detailed. Again this map represents what can happen when you spend some detailed time on a map. With angled walls, exposed woodwork, and overhanging balconies this map has a lot of real world features. Those are only a few to mention. As mentioned in the texturing above no Z-fighting areas which, translates to good solid brushwork practices. It was nice not to see any overlapping brushes.

Creativity and Theme also get good marks. The layout of the map was not the average small town layout. With the overhanging balconies and the exposed woodwork along with many well placed static models and a good variety of them it makes it very hard to compare this map with others. Nothing in the theme sticks out and makes you say, "Should that be in this map?”

Playability / Game Flaws

This map screams action. Once you load this map up and start moving around in it you will notice the multiple paths in which you can move through it. You also get a sense of its size, which is compact. With it being compact it’s able to keep the action sustained for much longer and you will find yourself moving the mouse around like crazy checking every angle. This type of action sustained receives great fun marks from me.

FPS did not seem to drop below 70 and seemed to average 100. Even with the detail the size of the map contributes once again to make it very playable.

The only real issue with the map that gives it so many good points also can contribute with its flaw...its size. I would definitely not recommend more than three players per team. I noticed that with two players per team the play is balanced. With three players spawn point control/killing will start to become an issue.

Since the flags are real close to the spawn points, to some it’s hard to tell if you are spawn killing or protecting/attacking the flag. I would not recommend placing the flags so close to the spawn points. The time it takes also to win seems too fast. It would have been nice to see some kind of a timer as you control both flags. As is now once you control both even if only for a split second you win.

A last issue was that the axis flag seemed to be very easy to guard where the allied flag was much harder. Not a big issues but simply something to mention.


This is a great action packed map. Download this map for hours of fun. It’s also a great map as far as detail is concerned. This is how it should be done. Hats off to the authors for focusing on quality not quantity.

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