Armored Combat V1.0 Beta

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Armored Combat V1.0 Beta

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unclebob Milwaukee,Wi 6-29-09

Armored Combat 1.0 Beta For MOHsh or MOHbt

Armored Combat 1.0 Beta is a simple game play conversion that forces the players to fight a
tank battle on one of two maps. (Flughafen or Holland) Due to limitation of the other maps
Armored Combat can NOT be run on any other maps without a risk of crashing the server.
I havent checked the BT maps, some of them may be able to run it??? But who plays BT anymore.

Both teams have a closed off spawn area with a number of tank spawn points just outside the
wall. apon crossing the wall of your spawn you will be disarmed! This will require the players
to play the Tank Battle. Only tank cannons and bazzoka fire can damage the tanks.

I curently have on Holland the PanzerIVs vs T-34s

On Flughafen it PIVs, Tiger-I vs T-34s

The panzerIV is the average medium tank of WWII in every way.

The Tiger-I has a powerful gun and masive armor but is slow moving, slow to fire,
and slower turret travers

The T-34 has a little more armor than the PIV but is slightly slower with an equaly powerful gun.

HOW TO PLAY<----------------
once in an armored Combat map. Jump the spawn wall, walk to a tank spawner, (Spinning tank hull)
hit USE to spawn tank, hit USE again to enter the tank.
In most cases the tank will spawn on you trapping you in the model, so be sure its the tank you want.

You will be disarmed after jumping the wall of your base. be sure the area is secure first.

Tiger tank is best used to support the PIV's. alone the tiger is a sitting duck.

Cannon fire dose splash damage. The Tiger especialy so. (BIG gun.)

On screen instructions cover the rest. or live and learn. Well ok die and learn!

SERVER ADMIN INFO<--------------
Drop the zZzZzZz_UB_ArmoredCombat_rev001_004B.pk3 in your servers mainta or maintt folder and
run the map flughafen or holland. If the mod dosnt run, add some zzzzzz to the start of the file
name and try again. Armored Combat should run atomaticly when these maps are loaded.

Remember any files that effect the T-34 PIV or Tiger-I may interfear with the mod.

Tank speed is set within the .tik file for each tank

Rate of respawn, health, turret and death model are set in the map code. (Tiger spawns slower)

KNOWN ISSUES<---------------
I have been playing with giving the tanks a team marker but it has elueded me for now.
So it can be hard to tell friend from foe.
Also the kill count dosnt keep track as the score system is looking for the player as if
they were playing a single player map. again game engine issue.

ADDING ARMORED COMBAT to other maps<----------------
Maps that have ground patches or rounded terrain like the sticky corner on destroyed village
or most of Gewitter will allow the tanks to fall through the map and crash the server
all Stock mohaa maps have holes that allow a player to crash the server when running AC
For MOHsh only flughafen and Holland seem to work without doing some major wall building
to block crash holes.

If you are running MOHbt (Breakthrought) you can add the sherman and the churchill tanks to the
battle. just be sure to add the .tik files for them to the models/vehicles folder and add a speed
listing like in the other .tik files I provided.

CLOSING NOTES<-----------------
I have been putzn with the various tank codes for years. Its actauly what got me started MODDING.
Well the reality is that MOH was never designed to have player usable vehicles in multiplayer so
there are limits to what works and what dosn't. So please understand I had to work within the
limits of the MOH game Engine, Well allowing for the code to be server side.
And work within my own knoledge base of course.

And as always This is a free mod or file and I hold no resposiability for any issues or damage that
may be caused by its use. Put simply if the magic somke come out it aint my fault.
Use at your own risk.