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Area51 has been around since mohaa started pretty much. We are one of the oldest clans in the game. To this day we still have over 100 members. We only recruit players who have played on our server for at least a couple of months. We invite on integrity of the player, not the skill. Most of the time we require possible recruits to get on Ventrilo and talk with us for some time before we make a decision. WE maintain a family fun atmosphere at Area51. No cussing, no bad names, and most of all --- NO CHEATING.


Re: *Area51*

Thanks all for the warm welcome. You will more than likely see a few of Area51 play on some of your servers. For the most part we are strictly an OBJ clan. However we have a few members who are itching to try some of the other mods and gametypes out there. I will certainly direct them this way. i read the post in our forum about any more maps and/or mods we may have. I have some, unfortunately a year ago my home burnt to the ground (nobody hurt) and the pc with all of my mohaa mods and maps was melted in the fire. Kinda sucks to lose years worth of modding, scripting, and map-making, but such is life. The only surviving maps/mods were those that were on the hosted server at that time. I will compare what you have with what I have and see what I may be able to upload.

Again thanks all!!

Re: *Area51*

OMG over a hundred members?!? LOL

Welcome to AAAA side m8 Smile

Re: *Area51*

Hi G3mInI for some reason you ended up with a white background on this post not your fault fixed it now Smile

Great to see Area51 here!! so a big Welcome from all the AAAA members - we have a few things going on such as deathserver nights which at present is the xmas theme Smile but in the new year we are wanting to start Clan server feature nights for the different clans but just to let your crew know they are all welcome here!! Would be great also to here any feed back ideas you have for the mohaa community

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






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