Anti-Camper V6

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Anti-Camper V6

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Welcome to anti camper version 6!

to install it copy both camper.txt and zzz_anti_camperv6.pk3 into your main dir.

the camper.txt wich goes directly in main controls all the settings off the mod. once this is tweaked to how you iwsh it (see camper.txt for help) and mohaa it loaded these settings will be used on all maps what are included.

new stuff!

1. map array! ht mod does not run on maps not in this array. Simple add and remove map names.
2. Camper mod changin in console stay and do not reset each map.
3. many new types not just bomb explode and camper dies type.

bomb = blows up
fire - set on fire
light - turn into a light
bleed - start bleeding.
giant - make a biigger size.
takeall - takes all the campers weapons away

4. fire and bleed can be set to not go off until they die.
5.rile and sniper cna be immune
6. message to campers can be tunred on and off and changed
7. a help cmd
8. cool say sound
9. each type has its own settings

new camper types