Anti-Camper V2

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Anti-Camper V2

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mohaa Anti Camper Mod
To use:
just put it inside your main folder and it should wokr with all maps (maybe not some maps with edited movement)

Developed by Elgan Sayer
e-mail :

why?..because virus said it would be cool
this is free to use and pass arround.
What it does?:
After waiting 30 seconds if you are still near where you were standing before or crouching you will have a bom attached to your arm then a timer will count down to 0 from 10 and bang!

Console cmds

cvar "camper_silent"
1 - on / 0 off. makes the ticking not heard

cvar "camper_box"
set the size of the box that detects the player: camper_box "( -10 -10 -10 ) ( 10 10 10 )"

tcvar "camper_time"
Set the time it waits before spawning a bomb.: Camper_time 30 -default

cvar "camper_ticktime"
Set how long it ticks down for before it explodes: Camper_ticktime 10 -default

cvar "camper_inform"
1-on, 0 -off.