ango vs lkw

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ango vs lkw

match from 02.12.2011
reslut: lkw 13 - ango 7

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Re: ango vs lkw

Considering it was our first League Match, I think it went pretty well despite we had some small problems in the beginning



Re: ango vs lkw

Of course you guys did well Smile especially the one who controlled the restarts etc. The only problems we had came from our side. It was the uac3 which wasn't working for all of the LKW.

Thanks for the match, we enjoyed it Wink well played ango

Re: ango vs lkw

Sorry Guys very late this match has now been added to the League - I will reply to all the League matches entered so I know I have done them

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again