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Hello everyone Smile
Im player in MOHAA Game i play this game from some years and its the best game that i have seen it I was using my Home Server Freeze Tag And Sniper only mods and that's mods was so cool its make the people be happy. Everyone who searching for good game just play MOHAA Game its realy Good Game There are many gametypes and Maps in MOHAA Game And many mods to use it like High JUMP and using Custom Maps that's different maps and you can download it from http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/content/aaaa-mohaa-map-database-mohaa-maps-mohsh-maps-mohbt-maps. Choose MOHAA Game Maps because there are another MOH Games Like BT and SH. The best thing in mohaa that you can be in teams that every team cover their players Like Freeze Tag can Melt every one the other and OBJ Servers . Every Files in mohaa like mods,maps,skins... add them to the main folder if you have Home Server and then restart the server to make him work. I hope everyone in MOHAA Have Fun with his friends and that good Game that played it over 5000 player since 2002. Thanks to everyone that do hard to make mohaa alive and do the best to make the players feel happy by changing maps and mods that the players like it. Thanks To All MOHAA Admins And Players Smile)).

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If you want to play a good game then do select the strategic games always. I love to play age of mythology and empire always.

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