AAAA Updates

Hi all had a few problems this weekend but not all bad........

MOHAAC have released an update that bust's Windows XP so any one running XP cant run MOHAAC - They are aware and working on it.

BUT as always lots of new features and fix's in that release!!!

For AAAA some sort of RCON problem on one server which I have been unable to fix so we have scheduled a dedi reboot for tomorrow approx 17:00 11/03/13 - If anyone else got RCON issues do let me know..............

Also I have discovered a new user website  registration problem which I have missed since the web server upgrade Sad a few weeks back .

I have also been unable to fix this so have had to create a new method of registration for new users - we had over 70 new accounts in the past few weeks - some will be legit but many just bots all were in active state pending user mail verification - all have been deleted - if you were a legit user just re register your emails have been removed and you will now be able to register on this new temp method.

The main problem is the website email is not emailing out and despite spending most of the weekend working on it its screwed so I had to spend my remaining time setting up a temp fix for new users which is now working.

All of above in progress just ran out of time this weekend