AAAA Reward Scheme for Mod Database

Hi all as you know we spent last year getting the AAAA Map Database running and with the help of a few we now have one of the largest MOHAA / MOHSH / MOHBT map databases the majority of the content was uploaded by Shadow and he has done an amazing job finding all those maps - at last look we now have 1989 maps.

What I want to do this year is now build the mod database at present we only have 50 I guess it takes about 5-10 mins to upload a mod depends on how much info is posted the more the better.

Their are so many mods out their and over time more will be lost so we are trying to get as many as possible.

If any one can help please do if you only upload one mod it helps so much - We did a lot of tweaks on the map database to inprove it so the same for the mod database with feed back we will look at changing it

MOD Database main site and MODS in the main menu - direct link to the mod database is -:

AAAA has launched a reward Scheme anyone who uploads 250 mods MOHAA / MOHSH / MOHBT will get a free server MOHAA or MOHSH for 3 months on AAAA community hosting, no need to enter we will track uploads via id on AAAA.

The Server will be 20 slot on AAAA Hosting