AAAA MOHAA Deathserver League


Welcome to the AAAA Deathserver League

What is the AAAA Deathserver Match League ?

The AAAA Match League is run by the clans for the clans.

The AAAA League was created because a group of clans wanted to make things better and different...

Here at AAAA we are running the most effective Server and client anti cheat protection.

it is powered by to name but a few -:

  small_xnull_0.png   Image3.png   scapp_0.png  

## Server side Anti cheat protection

## Client side Anti cheat protection

## Server Control and monitoring and protection

Our server are of the highest spec and run gig network connections - The Game has not ended....... its just REBOOTED

How to Join the AAAA Deathserver League



Step - 1 If your Clan is not registered on AAAA go here Join AAAA

Step - 2 Register your Clan to Join the League

Step - 3 Add your clan players here Squad players

How to book a League match

Step - 1 Find your match in the "Outstanding Match List" Below

Step - 2 Click on the Match name (left Column eg ClanA v ClanB) Now click on "edit" to update your details and change the match setting to "Booked" and enter match server details - Once you have saved you can also add a comment at the bottom of the match page.

Step - 3 Book a Match server for the match Date by selecting it from the menu above or this link Book a match Server

How to Arrange a match

Step - 1 Find your outstanding match in the "Outstanding Match List" Below

Step - 2 Click on the Match name (left Column) Now add a comment at the bottom of the page - If you dont get a reply give the clan a poke on the shoutbox and on their own site.

Go here for General Info and chat or goto the main League forum

Re: AAAA MOHAA Deathserver League

It is with Great pleaser that AAAA announces  The AAAA Custom Match League Season 3 Winners!!!!



Many thanks to Miss Junior   AKA (ANNE)  for creating this virtual cup 


Congratulations to the mighty ANGO CLAN from myself and all the AAAA League members

It has been a pleasure to play with ANGO clan during this contest but also all the other clans for their support and involvement in this LEague.


Well Done ANGO !!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!and again thank you so much for every ones support this past League!!!   

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






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