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In Honor of NanLinda

MoH Meeting v1.1

MoH AAAA Reunion Event

Come and have some cold fun on
AAAA TS & War server for some snowball Fight

MoH Reunion

Mohaa Athon

Alright boys and girls, we've got the final details for the MOHAA-A-THON!!!!
Are you ready???
The dates and IP's are set, the scrims and quick draw tournaments are TBA based on attendance and interest.
Come join us!!!

MoH Reunion

War Arranger Squat on Xfire

Hello there  :) 
I try too get all WA of MOHAA to join the community called  
*war arranger squat of Mohaa*


We got new website and forum

Hi every one
Some of you have probably seen / heard that  =[MAW]= moved to new website and Forum surprise
Otherwise here is our new pagelaugh

=[M.A.W.]= looking for friendly matches

Friendly against =[M.A.W.]=

Date: XX/XX-XX

(Fridays or Saturdays)

Time: 8pm UK time

Gametype: FreezeTag Obj

Player:  6v6+


Just contact me Mushroom at Xfire Zartoxdk


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