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Upcoming map

Major_A's Project Raptor 46 Crosshair Chooser


On the fly in game crosshair changer.

I picked out an assortment of the neatest crosshairs I could find plus 2 dot hairs I made, and packed them nicely for your convenience. Feel free to add your own if you have some particular ones that aren't in there.

Major_A's TS3 Mohaa theme

TS3 MOHAA Theme - Major_A
On game nights I've got TS open on my other monitor.
I got tired of the same ol' default.
Contents of gfx folder goes in C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\gfx

Finalized Map The Boneyard


First map finished...uuuugh

Allied Assault & Spearhead Versions of The Boneyard have been posted.

Allied Assault -

Spearhead -


Thanks to <TWZ>_Gold for the AA version.

The Boneyard Update Version A-ho

*********UPDATE 2-15-15********

Ready for testing.
I may have neglected to insert the proper scr file.
This is a fix for the last update.
Version A-ho -
     Added FFA spawns and Freeze Tag need testing.              

First map

My first map ready for testing
The Boneyard

testing this spot

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