G'day and thanks for trying Map Mate

by AccadaccA

with credits to Major_A & Shadow for their ideas and support.


The all-in-one convenient MOH editing bundle packed with so many features that it's the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife.
All utilities use the same configuration file, so set one utility and all are set.
Your settings are saved and load automatically each time you open any utility.

Check Mate: Checks your map file, textures and shader file for excessive or missing textures.
It then lists its findings for you to rectify with built-in options to move the file(s) to a backup folder or delete, sending them to the recycle bin for easy retrieval if required.
Some maps can have hundreds of thousands of lines when viewed in a text editor. Check Mate saves you the time and stress of searching for all of the textures manually.
It lists every texture used in your selected map and compares them with the game's huge list of textures, your map's shader file and your own custom textures.
Check Mate will even count and display the stats of anything in your map that you desire. Very handy for keeping a check on the number of deathmatch (or axis vs allies) spawnpoints.

Compile Mate: A map to bsp compiler with loads of extra built-in features. A compile error scanner to find your errors, compile error database to find the solution to your compile error(s) and its very own "compile console" the perfect alternative to the Windows command console (a.k.a. DOS window).
The unique "compile console" of Compile Mate allows you to scroll back and forth through the entire LIVE compile output from start to finish at your own leisure.
Decide whether to save it all as a single log file AFTER finding an error, not before compiling begins (slowing down the process) and not in three separate log files either.
Compile Mate's "intellisense" is a real game changer.

Directory Mate: Create any portion or the entire map directory tree structure for your map with just one button click.
Copy your bsp, map or both files to your map directory "maps\dm" or "maps\obj" etc with just one button click.
Your map's filename, directory name, selected expansion and game-play type are all saved to the configuration file, each time you change any setting, allowing them to be loaded in whichever utility you open. Thus saving you time setting up such tedious tasks time and time again.

Hash Mate: Find the md5 "hash" number of any file with just one click.
Includes a drag & drop function for either single or multiple files.
The md5 "hash" output of a single file can be copied to your clipboard automatically or the hash numbers of multiple files presented as a text list with the option to be saved as a text file.
Although Hash Mate is designed more so for the map builder and website admin, there is an automated server side Hash Logger in Server Mate for all of your server related requirements.


PacMate: Compress and pack your map directory including all sub folders into a pk3 file with one button click.
Includes a built-in cleaner of foreign files and folders with file backup and restore functions and so much more.
It will even copy your pk3 to the respective game directory and start MOH for you, if desired.


Screen Mate: Convert your Medal Of Honor (tga) screenshots to jpg or png.
With either game or expansion selected, Screen Mate will load all of the screenshots within the folder. Simply select the desired screenshot you wish to convert then click the loaded image to save as whatever name or format you like.
Screen Mate also includes batch conversions. You may also change the output path to any folder of your choice.

Script Mate: Yet to be implemented.
Server Mate: Includes a Server Configuration Creator (with options for Basic, Advanced and Reborn), a Map Rotation Creator, Hash Logger and DM Flag Calculator.
The Map Rotation and Flag Calculator can even be accessed from within the Server Configuration Creator, making it all a smooth transition for beginners and experts alike.
With more than 50 recommended / default server settings already entered, you only need to add details to 4 or 5 text fields to create a Basic, an Advanced or a Reborn server config file. Although you still have complete control of over 60 server configuration settings.
Select either pk3 or zip files and Server Mate will list the bsp files within them. Drag any selected bsp file up or down the list by mouse to reorder your desired map rotation.
The Hash Logger can also read bsp files from inside pk3 or zips automatically adding the alias, md5 and url. It will also decipher mods from maps and write it all in the correct format. It also includes an advanced Client Configuration Creator (unnamedsoldier.cfg) with all possible settings and CVARs.

Shader Mate: Specifically written for Medal Of Honor and its expansions, as with all of the Map Mate utilities, Shader Mate is as automated as possible whilst still retaining all of the functions of any worthy text editor.
Select your map textures' surface type and Shader Mate's "Shader Assist" writes the shader text for you. Add or remove variables simply by clicking on them.
Manually typing shader files is a thing of the past. With Shader Mate you don't even need to write the shader text for your map's loading screen, it's all done for you quick and effortlessly with a mouse click.
Load a second shader in the split-screen mode to copy and paste from one to the other. There's just too many features to list here.

Sky Mate: Browse through hundreds of texture thumbnails and select the right sky for your map. Sorted in a multitude of categories including Sky Colour, Terrain Type, Time Of Day, Author's name, Sky Texture filename and more, so you load only the criteria you are searching for to help you find the perfect sky textures quick and easily.
Simply click the desired texture to preview it in full size. The texture preview then loads all six textures of any selected sky allowing you to view each of them in full size (512 x512).
Have both the sky shader automatically written for you and your chosen set of six sky textures automatically added to your map directory with just one button click.

Tool Mate: Store shortcut links to MOHAA, SH & BT plus up to another 25 place holders (28 in total) for shortcuts to anything MOH related.
Regardless of how scattered your MOH editing tools are throughout your hard drive(s) you can store shortcut links to them all in one convenient toolbox.
Tool Mate also stores the require paths to your MOHAA game installation and Radiant (if installed) and it even creates the shortcut links to those to get you started.
Tool Mate now includes shortcut links to your favourite folders too. Add, edit or delete any link. Your selected list of file and folder shortcuts will always present themselves each time you load Tool Mate.
Now there only needs to be one MOH related shortcut on your desktop, Map Mate.

Map Mate just has to be the most efficient, easiest, user-friendly, intelligent set of editing tools ever designed for any game.
And of course it's all backed up with an extensive Help chm file. Just press the "F1" key and no matter which utility or function you have open, the help file will open at that precise topic. Or check the quick Help page in the menu for even more helpful tips and links for beginners and experts alike.


Just remember if you find something new, its not a bug, its a "feature".

Please report any bugs to the Map Mate Development forum. Thank you.

Map Mate Downloads:
Info / Type
Download Link
Map Mate beta 10.0.17 Setup installer exe (31/07/2017 ~ Aust EST) Program installation Map Mate 10.0.17 setup.exe
10.6 MB
Please install Map Mate first then install the Resicent Files Pack to your Map Mate folder.
Map Mate - Resident Files Pack (c) installer exe (9/07/2017 ~ Aust EST) Required Files & Folders (for this and future versions) Map Mate Files Pack (c).exe
84.6 MB
The Resident Files Pack includes the custom sky textures
Upgrades & Add-ons:
Info / Type
Download Link
Upgrades for those who already have Map Mate 10.0.0 - Map Mate 10.0.13 installed
Done.exe 1.0.5 (upgrade patch) Done.exe (18/07/2017 ~ Aust EST) Done.exe Upgrade Done 1.0.5.zip
148 KB
Map Mate beta 10.0.18 Upgrade Map Mate.exe (23/08/2017 ~ Aust EST) Map Mate.exe Upgrade links to new Mapping Guide Map Mate 10.0.18.zip
2,0143 KB
Console.exe 1.0.7 (upgrade patch) Console.exe (5/09/2017 ~ Aust EST) Console.exe Upgrade Console 1.0.7.zip
140 KB

Please note: If it's listed as a "Program Installation " you will need to uninstall any previous version before installing the latest download.
Anything listed as an "Upgrade" can be extracted in your Map Mate folder over-writing the existing file of the same name.

The Resident Files Pack is required to be installed for this and every future version of Map Mate.
This has been separated so it only needs to be downloaded and installed once, making future Map Mate installments smaller and faster.

Ultimate Mapping Guide

I've started developing a complete mapping guide that covers everything related to MOH mapping.
It is in the chm format typically used for help files.
It will be updated periodically (daily) as I add more content to it.
So take note of the file date and keep an eye on this page.

The Map Mate version 10.0.18 onwards now points to it instead of the"Mapping Tutorial.chm" that has acted as a placeholder.
I will also update the Resident Files Pack with it when completed.
Just drop it in your Map Mate directory.

Happy Mapping. :)

Ultimate Mapping Guide
Last update: ...
7:30 am ~ 17/01/2018 ~ AEST
3.53 MB
Sorry it has come to my attention that the chm file corrupts during the download process so I will zip them from now on.